Bir Zeit University Summer Camp (26 July- 7 August 2007)


International Summer Work Camp

Birzeit University is proud to announce the convening of its annual International Summer Work Camp for 2007.

July 26, 2007 – August 7, 2007

Each year, since 1981, Birzeit University has organized this two-week long camp which gives international students an opportunity to work side by side with Palestinian students on community-oriented volunteer projects in schools, municipalities, civil society organizations. Participants get a chance to visit a number of areas in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and participate in cultural and social events as well.

This year’s camp will include voluntary work, visits to Palestinian villages, cities, and refugee camps, opportunities to meet with Palestinian families, political and community leaders, and academics and Palestinian university students to promote the cultural exchange and sharing of information and experiences.

The general schedule of activities is below. A detailed program will be available at least two weeks prior to the start of the Work Camp.

You may apply on-line by filling-out the Application Form .

For more information … please contact:

Ghada El-Omare

Community Work Program Coordinator

Student Affairs Office

Tel/Fax: + 972 2 298 2086

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Birzeit.


The 2007 International Summer Work Camp at Birzeit University will include:

    1. Volunteer Work includes planting, clean-up, and construction as per the needs of the designated communities.
    2. Visits to many Palestinian Cities, Villages and Refugee Camps.
    3. Lectures and meetings with Palestinian political and community leaders
    4. Visits to governmental and non-governmental organizations
    5. Cultural activities including films, dance and music performances.
    6. Camp Fire Evening – A series of evening activities at the University camp site including lectures on different aspects of Palestinian life and culture.


$200 / participant, which is inclusive of accommodations, food and travel expenses within the West Bank. Special activities may entail additional costs. The amount will be collected upon your arrival to the Camp site.


Most of the camp will be held in a specially situated out door space on the Birzeit University Campus. Participants will sleep in tents on the camp site and are requested to bring their own sleeping bags. Alternative sleeping arrangements within various cities may be made depending on travel time.

Birzeit University is located within walking distance (10-15 minutes) of the town of Birzeit which offers a number of small restaurants, stores, and other useful facilities. It is also where a number of Birzeit University students reside.

The Camp will arrange for three meals a day depending on the day’s schedule. When the camp participants are staying at the camp-site, food will be prepared jointly by the participants.

Be aware that the temperature during the day can be very high; while the nights may be very cold so be sure to bring appropriate clothing.

All of the participants are expected to assist with cleaning and maintaining the camp site. In addition, all participants are expected to respect the general rules of conduct within Birzeit University and within the various communities that will be visited.


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