Summer Camp in Bethlehem (3-9 July, 2007)


Youth Development and Voluntary Work Association invites you to take part in organizing its first annual international summers’ Camps for youth and universities students ages 18 and up.

The camp will take place in Bethlehem.

At Bethlehem the camp will last for one week starting from the 3rd till the 9th of July 2007. Bethlehem is a city known for its rich colonial and industrial history. Today Bethlehem is experiencing an economic and cultural renaissance promising a future as bright as the city’s past.

Deadline is 31-5-2007

Youth Development and Voluntary Work Association has secured affordable and very attractive facilities to ensure a safe environment for a wide range of activities.

The aim of these summer camp is to enable the youth from exchanging their experiences, hobbies, innovations and cultures. It will strengthen the relation between the Palestinian Youth and the International youth and open their minds to others from other countries.

Activists, artists, students and community centers are encouraged to submit for this Camp, and to submit for its workshop proposals, cultural exhibition and organize delegations from their campuses. But they are requested to pay camps fees $350 for each participants for all the summer camp activities. (The fees can be paid with the arrival of participants and it covers all their expenses while staying at the camp including hotels, food and transportations.)

Program areas and activities include:

* educational and political workshops.
* Dabke & other cultural experiences.
* Sports & art competitions.
* Youth challenges.

* Work days.
* Spoken word.
* Art and cultural exhibits.

Please contact us to submit workshop proposals or to organize a delegation from your campus.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Youth Development and Voluntary Work Center Office
Youth Development and Voluntary Work Center (YDVWC)

for more information

Tel: 00970 598 108904


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