Year Round Volunteer Positions in Palestine

Ansar Center for Children

Location: al-Walajah. Beit Jala, Palestine.
Contact Person: Khader Al Araj
Telephone Number: 972-02-276-0031
Fax number: 972-02-276-0031 (information about calling Palestine)
Activities of the organization: educational activities for children and young adults.
Number of employees: 0 employees. 10 volunteers.
Types of volunteer opportunities available: 2 volunteers needed to help run the summer camp, 1 volunteer needed to teach English/ help write grant proposals.
Dates Volunteers Needed: Summer camp is from July to August. Volunteers accepted throughout the year.

Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation Specialized Rehabilitation and Surgery Hospital

Location: P.O.Box 100, Bethlehem | Cremisan Street, Beit Jala.

Contact Person: Mary G. Matta (Personnel Officer)
E-mail: |
Telephone Number: 972-2-274 4049 / 50 /1 /2
Fax number: 972-2-274 4053 (information about calling Palestine)
Activities of the organization: BASR is a national referral and resource medical zzrehabilitation centre that provides the Palestinian population with quality comprehensive services at all levels of service delivery (the national, the intermediate and the grassroots level), complimented by surgery and other support services.
Number of employees: 169.
Types of volunteer opportunities available: Opportunities available for doctors, nurses, radiologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists. Opportunities also available in maintenance and Internet Technical support.
Dates Volunteers Needed: Year round.

Bethlehem Peace Center

Address: P.O Box 1166, Manger Square
Telephone number: 972-2-276 6677
Fax: 972-2-274 1057 (information about calling Palestine)

Contact Person: Mr. Michael Nasser
Number of employees: 20
Types of Volunteer Opportunities: Help with events and activities
Dates Volunteers Needed: year round, flexible

Family Development Charitable Society Club for Elderly People

Address: Beit Sahour.
Telephone number: 972-2-277 4446
Fax: 972-2-277 4449 (information about calling Palestine)
Contact Person: Elen Al Qasiss
Activities/Focus of Organization: Elderly Club. Daily work with the elderly people: from cooking to cleaning and ironing.
Number of employees: 8
Volunteer opportunities available: Writing email and correspondents. Helping with PR and especially with the English Language. Helping with daily work as mentioned above.

Jemima, a Home for Handicapped Children

Address: Beit Jala/ Al- Sider Street 117
Telephone number: 972-2-275 0044
Fax: 972-2-277 7922 (information about calling Palestine)
Email: |

Contact Person: Rikko Lawers/ Nisreen Sarras
Activities/Focus of Organization: Working with children and young grown up with mental and physical restrictions, and need assistance in custodial care.
Number of employees: 42 Volunteer Opportunities: Helping with activities and care for the children. Dates Volunteers Needed: Volunteer needed from 6 months to a year

The National Charitable Society

Address: Dheisheh Refugee Camp. Bethlehem, Palestine. Telephone: 972-2-274 0304
Fax : 972-2-275 3749
Email :
Contact Person: Abed al hamed mizher
Activities/Focus of Organization: 1. Health Center project: The health center includes a number of departments and medical clinics, including: specialized clinics, the emergency clinic, x-ray, the dental clinic, a pharmacy, and a medical laboratory. 2. Cultural Center project: includes classrooms and lecture hall for workshops and lectures in methodology. 3. Charitable social projects: includes relief projects, food parcels, holiday clothing distribution and the school bag project.
Number of employees: 12 Volunteer Opportunities available: writing and formulating project proposals in English, contacting and building relations with donor institutions, opening channels of communication with international and local organizations and preperation of correspondence with representatives of international and local institutions.
Number of volunteers needed: 2
Dates Volunteers Needed: 2 months to 6 months
Comments: Please note that all tools and equipment needed for your volunteer placement will be provided by the organization. We prefer volunteers with experience in the tasks listed above and who also have experience in the health field, especially doctors.

Open Bethlehem

Address: Manger Square. Bethlehem, Palestine.
Telephone number: 970-22-777993
Fax: 970-22-740139

Contact Person: Nida Rishmawi
Activities/Focus of the Organization: Media operation, Documentation, research, tours, Events promotion. All projects combine political and tourism aspects.
Number of employees: 3 Volunteer Opportunities Available: Writing/research, IT, graphic design. Looking for volunteers with skills in these areas.
Dates Volunteers Needed: as long as possible
Comments: Open Bethlehem would like the chance to interview the volunteers beforehand as we are currently unable to absorb interns. We are looking for highly skilled people.

The Palestinian Center for Rapprochement between People

Address: Schools street, P.O Box 24. Beit Sahour, Palestine.
Telephone number: 972-2-277 2018
Fax: 972-2-277 4602

Palestine News Network

Address: Bethlehem
Telephone number: 972-2-276 6067
Fax: 972-2-276 5931 (information about calling Palestine)

Contact Person: Fadi Abu Sada
Activities/Focus of Organization: Media news agency in four languages.
Number of employees: 20
Volunteer Opportunities/Assignments: Translators and journalists
Dates Volunteers Needed: from 1 month to 2 months

Palestine Wildlife Society

Address: PO Box 89, Beit Sahour
Telephone number: 972-2-277 4750
Fax: 972-2-277 4750 (information about calling Palestine)
Email: |
Activities/Focus of Organization: 1) Monitoring of wildlife, especially bird ringing and bird watching. We operate the Jericho Wildlife Monitoring Station. Jericho is a very active in terms of bird migration. 2) Environmental Education among the schools in Palestine. 3) Promoting Eco-Tourism within Palestinian Society and 4) Combating Desertification (accredited status with the UNCCD)
Number of employees: 10
Volunteer Opportunities/Assignments: Fundraising, Multi Media, International Public Relations Dates Volunteers Needed: Year round.

Palestinian Friendship Association

Address: Wadi Maaly Nazlet Al-ain
Telephone number: 972-2-2760411
Fax: 972-2-2760411 (information about calling Palestine)
Contact Person: Ashraf Shaheen
Activities/Focus of Organization: Media, Children’s Rights, Film Making, Cinema, Media
Website. Types of projects include film making with young people, reports about Palestinian children, research about the situation of children in Palestine, Cinema, and workshops for children and young people.
Volunteer Opportunities/Assignments: Writing reports, preparing website, giving workshops, organizing workshops and activities.

Shepherds Field Hospital

Address: Beit Sahour Telephone number: 972-2-277-5092
Fax: 972-2-277-5091 (information about calling Palestine)
Contact Person: Dr. Rishmawi Rafiq
Activities/Focus of Organization: Hospital, day care center, maternity work, clinics.
Volunteer Opportunities/Assignments: Nurses, staff midways

SOS Children Village

Address: Bethlehem- El karkafa Street
Telephone number: 972-2-274 2267
Fax: 972-2-274 5179 (information about calling Palestine)
Contact Person: Nabil Elhilo
Projects: Children`s Village Volunteer Opportunities/Activities: Teaching English, Translating, helping in activities.
Dates Volunteers Needed: Year round.
Comments: The volunteer needs to be able to work well with children.

The Public Committee Services for Palestinian Refugees

Address: Azzeh Camp Bethlehem Palestine
Telephone number: 972-2-276 0360
Fax: 972-2-276 0360 (information about calling Palestine)
Email: or
Contact Person: Ahmad Alâazzeh Activities/Focus of Organization: Grassroots organizing, rehabilitation, raising awareness, employability and vocational. One current project is the “Palestinian Refugees Identity Development Enterprise” which is funded by the E.U.
Number of employees: 0 employees, just volunteers.
Volunteer Opportunities/Assignments: Basic English training, volunteer in the Camp’s kindergarten. Dates Volunteers Needed: Year round.

Women Child Care Society

Address: Beit Jala
Telephone number: 972-2-274 2507
Fax: 972-2-274 2507 (information about calling Palestine)
Contact Person: Lydis Araj
Activities/Focus of Organization: Social activities for women and children, embroidery, summer camps. There are two programs within the summer camp, one for children ages 6 to 12 and another for children ages 12 to 16.
Number of employees: 6 Volunteer Opportunities/Assignments: Helping in Summer Camps
Dates Volunteers Needed: period needed from 6 months to a year
Comments: Volunteers that speak both English and Arabic preferred


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